Tables Transformer for Excel 1.0

Tables Transformer for Excel 1.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

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Tables Transformer for Excel 2000-2007 will allow you to fast and easy transform current tables to construct pivot ones; to divide one table into several ones or to unite two tables in one.Data transformations for the construction of pivot tables: Microsoft Excel has a powerful and convenient means of data presentation in the form of pivot tables. However, additional transformations of initial tables are often necessary for their creation. Tables Transformer for Excel will transform initial data and will make it suitable for the construction of the pivot tables. Division of tables: Tables Transformer for Excel will divide the specified table into several ones on the basis of the specified number of rows or unique values of cells in the specified columns. To divide the current table into several ones on the basis of the specified number of rows, you have to specify the number of the row from which a new table starts - and the table will be immediately divided. The program can automatically copy names of columns in each new table and place new tables in the current or new worksheet. The option of dividing the table according to unique values will allow you to create separate tables for each unique value of a cell. Merging two tables in one: Tables Transformer for Excel will unite two tables in one with grouping of this data. For example, you have a table with names of the goods and their quantity and the other one containing the name of the goods, delivery date, supplier and price. Using this option, you can unite these 2 tables grouped according to the names of the goods. In the result, you will get a table containing 5 columns: name, delivery date, supplier and price. This option also allows you to choose the data to be included into a new table as well as to choose an arrangement of the new table. All the data remains unchanged.

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